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Astronaut Galaxy Projector, LED Starry Night Projector for Kids, Adults, Light Universe Projector

Astronaut Galaxy Projector, LED Starry Night Projector for Kids, Adults, Light Universe Projector

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Imagine transforming your room into a breathtaking galaxy with our Astronaut Galaxy Projector This innovative light casts 7 different lights, painting your walls or ceiling with mesmerizing nebulae and dreamy starry patterns.

Versatility is key with our Starlight Ceiling Constellation Projector. Whether in bedrooms, game rooms, home theatres, or as a decorative piece on your desk, it sets the stage for memorable date nights, immersive gaming sessions, cosy movie marathons, or simply as a soothing night light for your little ones.



Convenience meets customization with our remote control function. Easily toggle the northern lights and stars on/off, adjust brightness, or switch between light modes—all from the comfort of your couch or bed. It’s the ultimate bedroom starlight projector, allowing you to tailor your dreamy galaxy experience to suit your mood and easily power down when it’s time to drift off.


Designed to charm even when unused, its astronaut-inspired appearance adds a delightful touch to any space. Plus, its 360° magnetic rotation feature allows you to project nebulae wherever you desire, unrestricted by space.

More than just a gadget, it’s a perfect gift that sparks curiosity and creativity in children, while providing a serene retreat for adults to unwind and relax after a long day. Ideal for any occasion, from holidays to birthdays, it’s a thoughtful present for friends, family, and loved ones alike.

Experience the magic of our Starry Sky Projector + Galaxy Projector and elevate your space with celestial wonders. Transform any room into a personal sanctuary of tranquility and wonder—yours to enjoy and share with those closest to you.

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